Follow these steps to create a fundraiser for the 2021 Griffin Fund

on your personal Facebook page:


1.    Copy art for your page.  Open this link and save the image to your desktop. 

2.    Copy the following information.  You can replace or edit once you paste into Facebook, but this could be a good starting point for you and “why you are setting up a fundraiser” for OCA:

Ozark Catholic Academy’s 2021 Griffin Fund is the school’s annual campaign to help bridge the gap between tuition dollars and operating expenses.  OCA opened its doors in the Fall, 2018 as NWA’s first Catholic high school.  This year’s Griffin Fund goal is $300,000 and will ensure the school’s continued growth and future success. Please help me support OCA, every single dollar donated helps reach their goal…and no donation is too small.  Thanks for your support! 


1. Click here  - If this link does not connect you to Facebook fundraising, please type bit.ly/OCAfundraiser into your browser.

2. Facebook asks “Who are you raising money for?”  Select/click “Nonprofit”

3. Search for and select “Northwest Arkansas Catholic High School”

4. Set your fundraising goal (i.e. $1,000) and fundraising deadline (i.e. May 14, 2021); click “next”

5. Change your fundraiser’s title to “[your name]’s Fundraiser for Ozark Catholic Academy’s 2021 Griffin Fund”.

6. Facebook asks “why are you raising money?” You can share a personal story here about why OCA is important to you and your family, or copy and paste the paragraph above that you copied before we started.

7. Click "next."

8. If you would like to add a photo to your post, use the 2021 Griffin Fund logo you copied to your desktop or click here to download.  You can also use a Facebook provided image.

9. Click “create” and your fundraiser is posted! Thank you for supporting OCA!

10. Go to “Invite Friends”.   This is a VERY IMPORTANT STEP to share the fundraiser information directly with selected friends.  Click on “See all friends” and scroll through all your friends and “Invite” the ones who would be interested in seeing this post in their news feed.

11. “Share on your Timeline”

12. To qualify for individual and HOUSE competitions, you must take a picture of your fundraiser page and send to Marybeth.Shields@ozarkcatholic.org in order to be tracked.  The first 10 student families received qualify for a special award.  Each week donations will be counted by HOUSE for House awards!