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Ozark Catholic Academy is fully accredited by the Arkansas Nonpublic School Accrediting Association (ANSAA). 

The accreditation process of ANSAA is extensive.  With excellence in education as the goal, ANSAA works
closely with nonpublic schools throughout Arkansas to provide quality education. ANSAA membership
allows schools the opportunity to be a part of a cooperative effort to improve education at the state and local levels. The accreditation process involves the application of standards through a self-study and an annual review of the school’s progress. Accreditation also offers assurance to the school community that the school is committed to continuous improvement.

ANSAA MISSION: To maintain and enhance the quality of education within our diverse member schools
through assessment, accountability, and internal review. Using a process of self-study and professional
site visits, ANSAA schools demonstrate compliance with established standards which are designed to
support ongoing improvement.


The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education (ICLE)

OCA is a member of the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education (ICLE).  The ICLE is dedicated to helping educators realize the full implications of a philosophy of education that puts Jesus Christ, the Logos, at its center. ICLE focuses on how this affects what we teach and how we teach. Catholic liberal education (from the Latin, liber, which means free) is ordered to the Truth that sets us free. This formation frees us for growth in faith, wisdom, and virtue. While recent attention has been aimed at the revival of liberal learning in higher education, ICLE guides educators to understand that these habits of mind and heart
must first be cultivated in the very young. The sacramental and moral imagination is nurtured in
childhood. ICLE offers conferences, workshops, site visits, teacher training, publications, and consultation services
designed to give current and future teachers both theory and practice for immediate use. ICLE works
with entire dioceses, as well as parish schools, independent schools, and individual teachers.

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Duc in Altum Schools Collaborative (DIA)

Membership in Duc In Altum Schools Collaborative (DIA) provides Ozark Catholic access to benefits both tangible and intangible. DIA provides a network of like-minded Catholic educational collaborators with whom they foster ideas, face challenges, and find support. The growth and strength of passionately Catholic schools will be a critical lever for the future of the American Catholic Church. DIA provides a framework for dioceses, schools, and leaders to work towards achieving this faith-first vision for Catholic education.

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Classic Learning Initiatives

OCA is a member of Classic Learning Initiatives. Now known for the CLT Exam, Classic Learning Initiatives was founded by Jeremy Tate in 2015.  CLT's mission is to provide alternative standardized tests rooted in tradition while taking advantage of modern technologies. Featuring passages selected from great works across a variety of disciplines, the CLT suite of assessments provide a highly accurate and rigorous measure of reasoning, aptitude, and academic formation for students from diverse educational backgrounds.  Schools benefit from these assessments because they provide real-time data on
students' performance, which carries into classroom instruction, resulting in enriched instruction.

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