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Preparing Students to Suceed in College and in Life

10.House Sorting Festival Teamwork Ozark Catholic Academy

Ozark Catholic Academy provides a program of services to ensure that all students acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become responsible citizens, productive workers, lifelong learners, and the whole person God intends for them to be.  Our comprehensive program addresses the academic, social, and career competencies necessary for all students to recognize their potential and to form a basis for lifelong learning and spiritual growth.

One on One College Counseling

Our college counselor meets individually with each OCA student to develop post-graduation goals and work toward those goals.

College Visits to Campus

A number of colleges and universities visit the OCA campus throughout the year.  Students get exposure to school ranging from private to public, small to big, and near to far.

School Sponsored   College Visits

Annually, Juniors go on a week-long trip visiting multiple colleges.  This year, students visited St Louis University, Notre Dame, University of Chicago, Marquette, University of Missouri, and Benedictine.

Family Programming

OCA presents programs to prepare students families for the college application process, essay writing, financial aid, scholarships, and the college application process.

College Entrance Exam Readiness

Partnering with Ray Dass, each student has access to award-winning college readiness test prep programs, AP Exam reviews, and supplemental math programs.

Concurrent Classes

Students have access to take dual-credit classes through NWACC, satisfying both OCA and college requirements.  Classes are typically focused on Communications, Math, Composition, and Media.

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