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Affording an OCA Education

Ozark Catholic Academy is committed to making a quality, faith-based education accessible to all qualified students — regardless of financial means. More than 40% of students who currently attend OCA receive some level of support.  OCA offers a competitive base tuition and opportunities for financial aid grants.  Families that have made a commitment to continuing Catholic education for their children by attending and graduating from 8th grade at a Catholic school, may be eligible for the Continuing Catholic Education tuition tier.   See below for details and qualification criteria. All students are eligible to apply for financial aid. OCA uses FACTS for financial aid application processing. We offer all incoming families training to help them complete these applications. 

Follow our financial aid application process below.

Quick Links

Quick Links

Financial Aid Process


Visit the FACTS website and set up an account


Depending on your application some or all of the following documents may be required:

  • Copy of U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, supporting schedules, and business returns.

  • Copies of W-2 Wage and Tax Statements.

  • Copies of supporting documentation for household nontaxable Income.


FACTS charges an estimated one-time non-refundable application fee of $40.00 per household. FACTS accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover).

Priority Deadline: December 22, 2023

Financial Aid Process

Tuition and Fees

Thanks to a generous donor, tuition and fees will remain the same through the 2024-25 school year.

Tuition + fees



Annual Tuition*


CCE Annual Tuition*

*Financial aid percentage reduction applies for qualifying families



Leadership Trip*


Daily Transportation*


Athletic Sports*


*Financial aid percentage reduction applies for qualifying families



Annual Enrollment Fee


Annual Education Fee

Mandatory fees are not subject to a financial aid reduction.


Continuing Catholic Education - Reduced Tuition (CCE)

This donor-sponsored program, announced in February 2020, offers a 50% tuition rate for families who have committed to Catholic education. See below for qualifying criteria and answers to frequently asked questions.

Students Entering Fall 2024

To qualify for CCE Tuition tier, students entering 9th grade must have attended for the entirety of their 5th - 8th grade years at a Catholic School. Students entering 10th - 12th grade must be transferring to OCA from a Catholic school and have had to attend Catholic school consecutively since their 5th grade year.

Did you know that as of 2018 families can use their 529 savings plans to pay for private K-12 education without penalty? Contact your 529 plan advisor for details.

The Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017 includes a new provision for families who pay private school tuition. The 529 plan, which is an educational savings plan parents contribute to with after-tax dollars (allowing your money to grow free of any capital gains taxes when used for higher education expenses), has been expanded.  Under the new tax bill, families will be able to withdraw $10,000 each year (per child) to pay for private or religious K-12 tuition. We encourage our families to discuss the 529 plan strategy with your tax professional to see if there is a tax benefit for you.

  • How were the qualification criteria determined?
    The donating family sets the qualification criteria. The continuance of Catholic education is of the upmost importance to the donor family funding this program. Their desire is to encourage families to continue to choose Catholic education from elementary to secondary education by helping assist with the cost of tuition.
  • I hope to attend OCA next year. Do I qualify for CCE tuition?
    If you an incoming 9th grader and attended a Catholic school for entire 5th - 8th grade years, you are eligible for the CCE Tuition rate. For incoming 10th - 12th graders, you must have attended Catholic school consecutively since the start of 5th grade. Click for Financial Aid information Click for Tuition Information
  • Will OCA still offer financial aid?
    Yes. OCA will still set aside financial aid dollars for both the CCE Tuition and the Full Tuition rates. Financial aid is available to all students based on need. Click for Financial Aid information
  • If I receive financial aid to attend OCA, and qualify for the CEE tuition tier, will I receive both?"
    Yes. The CCE Tuition rate is automatically applied for all that qualify. If you qualify for additional financial aid, it will be applied starting at the CCE Tuition rate to further reduce your cost to attend OCA. Click for Tuition + Fees information Click for Financial Aid information
  • Do I need to fill out a financial aid application to receive the CCE tuition rate?
    No. The CCE Tuition rate is not considered financial aid. The CCE Tuition rate is solely dependent on where the student has attended school. Click for Tuition + Fee information
  • My child attended a Catholic School K-8 and then went to public school for 9th grade. Do they qualify for the CCE tuition rate?
    The student would be charged the Full Tuition rate. The CCE qualifying criteria require that the student continuously attend Catholic school without breaking between Junior high and Senior high school.
  • My oldest child currently attends public high school and my youngest child attends a Catholic School. Does my 7th grader qualify for the CCE tuition rate?
    Possibly. Qualifications for the CCE Tuition rate are based on the student, not the family or other siblings. Starting with the 2024 -2025 School Year, the qualifications for CCE Tuition rate will be set as defined by the Donor. For an incoming 9th grader starting in 2024 -2025 or beyond, the student will have had to attend Catholic school for the entirety of their 5th - 8th grade years. Incoming 10th - 12th graders that year and beyond, will have had to attend Catholic school consecutively since their 5th grade year.
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